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'I want to thank Gretta for helping me find my switch off button. Before seeing Gretta my hot flashes were so over whelming I could hardly go out. Menopausal hot flushes were disturbing so many aspects of my work, home, and social life and I was feeling exhausted all the time. As I was not a candidate for HRT I was very keen to explore other options. Gretta was recommended by a friend who went to her when she couldn’t cope with her menopause symptoms any longer. During my hypnotherapy sessions with Gretta she focused on ‘cooling imagery’, ‘flash control dials’, and ‘your future self’. These were incredibly powerful tools that helped me reconnect and gain control of my body. Gretta enabled me to visualise the live I deserved to lead and with hypnotherapy I begin to make those visualisations come true. I now feel so more able to cope. I highly recommend Gretta for help with the side effects of menopause.'

‘Going to see Gretta was the best decision I made in years. I have made more progress with her than all the rest of the therapy I have ever received. Gretta helped me see things differently, she helped me see I have the power to resolving things rather than letting my negative past rule me. I am so glad I found her. From the first consultation with her she put me at easy and we connected. Gretta has a lovely nature and a very kind soul. Her insight and knowledge is endless and she has made such a difference to my life in such a short period of time.’  

‘I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but after meeting Gretta and only a few sessions I was confident in its ability to help me. My anxiety and sleep improved, my mood and frame of mind lifted and I felt like my old self again. Gretta was even able to help me with coping with and controlling my hot flashes. The time I spent with her was the best part of my week.’

‘Gretta’s incredibly calming and effective way of creating change was amazing. I presented with physical symptoms such as hot flushes, excessive sweating, poor sleep, and brain fog. After only working with Gretta for 8 weeks most of these symptoms eased. I responded very well to hypnotherapy treatments with Gretta. I only wish I had found her years ago.’

‘I went to Gretta for help with stress and insomnia. She took lots of time to talk through the process of hypnotherapy and how it works in relation to my needs. The process was a peaceful calming experience, giving me confidence and that along with the exercises prescribed helped me achieve my goal. Over a period of a few weeks following her guidance and a few subsequent sessions I noticed a considerable transformation in my sleeping, consequently feeling less stressed. To have 7 hours quality sleep is a dream.’

‘I have been meeting with Gretta for about 4 months. Over this period she has steered me towards a more healthy and sustainable outlook on life. The tools she provides are straight forward, realistic and workable even in extremis. Lying on her couch and listening to her is one of the most therapeutic hours of my week. Simply put she is a kind soul who really helped me.’

‘Gretta’s professional manner, calming tone and relaxing voice put me at ease instantly. She help me gain a valuable insight into myself and enable me to overcome and deal with major panic attacks.’

‘Gretta has given me back a sense of control over what was happening within your own body.’

‘I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Gretta McNamara’s invaluable help. Having been somewhat cynical at what hypnotherapy could do for me – I was converted after my first session. Gretta has shown me the way to a good night’s sleep, which had been eluding me for a few years, thereby also helping to alleviate the resultant anxieties and dysfunction. Her knowledge, skills and calm understanding have given me, quite literally, a new lease of life.’

‘Gretta is a very caring, compassionate person who truly listens to you and your issue. She then tailors the hypnotherapy to be relevant to you. Gretta is genuinely delighted when you reach your goals. Very pleased with the service and expertise.’

‘I took my daughter suffering from severe anxiety that developed during  the firstCOVID lockdown to see Gretta. The hypnotherapy worked straight away. Complete relaxation was achieved with an entirely personalised narrative for my daughter. She was calmer for the treatment for a considerable time post session. This was consistent throughout our time with Gretta and we now go routinely for ‘top-up’ treatments.’

‘I am a mother of one of your patients and wish to convey to you our heartfelt appreciation in turning her life around. After just a few visits, you gave her hope! She just kept getting better and better and is still improving ! From her first meeting with you in mid December to now it is hard to believe she was SOO extremely unwell. She had lost so much weight, was missing school and was unable to live the active life she use to. Thankfully we found you! and the nutritionist you recommended. Our daughter is restoring her weight,started back at school. been going out with friends and socialising. She does not suffer with the anxiety she did 3 months ago. She values very much your professionalism, thoughts, ideas and more. Thank you for being there for our daughter and her family.’

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