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Corporate Clients and Mental Health in the Workplace


My Managing Stress in The Work Place Programme gives staff the ability to:

  • Improve stress and start tapping into it as a driver of motivation and productivity

  • Inspire one to work to their true potential

  • Create good communications skills

  • Restore focus and clarity

  • Cultivate a positive and resilient mindset by noticing and
    re-framing negative thoughts 

  • Deal with stress through a problem-solving approach which helps to feel in control.

I offer both individual and group sessions as well as a drop-in relaxation sessions in your office space or in group session over Zoom.  

I will work with you to develop a bespoke package that best suits your organisation, team, individuals and objectives.


Recognising the importance of managing stress in the work place is paramount today. Millions of working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the workplace. With increasingly demands, due to Covid-19, it’s no surprise that workplace stress is affecting a lot of people. However, there are some techniques you can adopt to help you cope better. Let me explain how hypnosis can be very useful in the fight against stress at work.
Stress management is about re-education. I can help you break the hold stress has in the work place, so that staff can be happier, healthier and more productive. Work can be a source of pressure and anxiety, no matter where you are in the corporate structure.  
Whether a staff member is in senior management or has just started their first job, stress can affect anyone, at any level of an organisation. Usually it is the case that stress is attributed to an anxiety. The stress maybe nothing to do with the external conditions the employee finds themselves in right now.
An effective way to help combat stress in the workplace is by trying hypnosis therapy. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness and can be used to access the subconscious where behaviours, fears or phobias can be changed. This type of psychological therapy is designed to tackle the underlying thoughts, feelings and beliefs which are generating or maintaining stress, as well as teaching coping systems for the present.
I seek out any underlying problems and aim to remove or change the effect they are having on worker’s psychological mind, as well as teaching workers how to relax properly. The techniques used can help the person to relieve themselves of stress in their current working environment, and also in other areas of their life.
The ultimate goal is a balanced life and a resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.
The ability to relax is vital in successfully dealing with stress. It is the way we ‘switch off’ and recuperate when not under stress. Unfortunately, this natural response is often lost by people with busy lives and hectic, demanding work commitments.
For this reason, all my stress management programmes include skills in relaxation. The value of relaxation is undisputed. My Hypnotherapy Program in the workplace identifies and rectifies any self-doubting, boosts self-esteem thus helps motivate and improved self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence stops many people from reaching their true potential. Hypnotherapy changes patterns and beliefs allowing people to do things that previously they would have thought were out of the question.

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