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Eating Disorders

Clients with eating disorders are very receptive to incorporating hypnotherapy into their therapy. Hypnotherapy is very helpful for those working on issues around fear and anxiety. Hypnotherapy help clients work on the fears and anxiety around food in order to be able to for example join their friend for a meal, go to the cafeteria for lunch, or go out for a meal with their family or just sit and finish a meal at home. Hypnotherapy helps identify situations that trigger food anxiety. I help clients to be brave and acknowledge their relationship with food and not to be afraid of it.

Hypnotherapy and the therapies that are a part of Hypnotherapy: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Verbal and Imaginative Restructuring are so helpful and affective when treating clients with eating disorders. One of my favourite uses of hypnotherapy is helping clients learn to view their story/narrative in new ways. I offer guided meditation THAT introduce new ways of viewing themselves, their body, and their life experience. This is a wonderful way to do body image work. While they are in a relaxed state I guide them to viewing themselves in a positive, loving light. This can be extremely powerful.

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